Florida residents can now get drive-thru Botox injections, for $600 a shot

Florida residents can now get drive-thru Botox injections, for $600 a shot
Marco Bello/Reuters
  • Some city health officials are allowing doctors to resume with elective procedures including plastic surgery.
  • But sitting in an office with other patients can pose a health risk due to the coronavirus, so Miami-based surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer, or "Dr. Miami," created a drive-thru Botox clinic.

After nearly three months of coronavirus lockdowns, Americans who get Botox injections, which typically last three to four months, are itching to get back to their plastic surgeons' offices.

Some cities have allowed elective procedures, filler injections included, to resume, but doctors and patients are still wary of the risks that come with being in an enclosed office for long durations, and being in close contact with other humans.

So Dr. Michael Salzhauer, the Miami-based plastic surgeon known as "Dr. Miami," created a drive-thru Botox site for his patients in his clinic's garage, Reuters reported.

On May 4, medical centers in Miami-Dade county, where Salzhauer's office is located, were officially allowed to resume elective procedures, including plastic surgery.

Salzhauer said he was inspired to create the setup after getting a COVID-19 antibody test at a drive-thru-style clinic.


"The areas that we inject Botox are the upper face, exactly the parts of the face that aren't covered by the mask so it's really ideal," Salzhauer said of the clinic-on-wheels.

Patients book appointments online, then drive up to Dr. Miami's garage

Florida residents can now get drive-thru Botox injections, for $600 a shot
Dr. Miami has medical gear on hand to give patients Botox from his clinic's garage.Marco Bello/Reuters

To attend the drive-thru clinic, patients can book appointments through an online portal. Currently, Salzhauer said he's only doing Botox injections on the upper half of the face for safety reasons.

Once an appointment is confirmed, masked patients can drive into the garage where Salzhauer and his team are stationed with shelves of medical supplies like santization wipes, gloves, and disposable needles for the injections.

Salzhauer keeps the garage door open and when patients enter, he can simply walk up to their cars, have them roll down the window, and inject them on the spot.


Salzhauer also dresses in scrubs, a plastic face shield, mask, and gloves to prevent potential coronavirus spread, and he uses a digital device to do temperature checks on himself and his staff.

Patients are enjoying the approach, which costs an average of $600, too.

Arman Ohevshalom, a 36-year-old Miami resident, told Reuters that the drive-thru was his first-ever experience getting Botox.

"It's very creative, and after seeing how they're running it I feel just as comfortable as I would in the office," he said.

Drive-thrus have become a handy alternative for strip clubs, and even weddings, during the pandemic

More people are trying drive-thru models to keep their businesses alive during the coronavirus pandemic.


The strip club Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon partnered with a local drive-in movie theater to create a drive-thru strip club experience, Insider previously reported.

"With the social distancing, it's great for the ladies because they don't have to interact with the customers as closely as they would when they're dancing," Shon Bolden, the club's owner, said. "Now, anybody that's a germaphobe or doesn't like to be touched, this is like a dream come true for them."

Some country clerk's office are offering drive-thru wedding ceremonies at their local courthouses too.