Instagram now lets you limit sensitive content on the Explore feed, here’s how to enable it

Instagram now lets you limit sensitive content on the Explore feed, here’s how to enable it
  • Instagram by default limits sensitive content for users.
  • It now lets users choose how much sensitive content they want to see on the Explore feed.
  • Users can choose to allow more or see only some sensitive content.
Instagram has launched a new feature called “Sensitive Content Control'' that allows users to reduce sensitive content in the Explore feed. Instagram defines sensitive content as those that “don’t necessarily break our rules but could potentially be upsetting to some people.” These posts include content that may be sexually suggestive or violent. Instagram also adds a disclaimer for sensitive content on the app but this feature will help reduce it for users who may not want to see such content.

Instagram’s Explore section shows recommended posts from accounts that are similar to accounts people follow. This also includes sensitive content that is related to the user’s interactions on Instagram.

By default, Instagram limits the number of sensitive content one sees on the Explore section. But users can now change this setting with the Sensitive content control feature. Users have three options to adjust content visibility in the Explore feed. They can choose to allow sensitive content which means they will see more photos and videos that could be upsetting or offensive. There’s an option to limit sensitive content which is also the default setting. Choosing this will only show some sensitive content to users. The third option is to limit even more sensitive content. This won’t entirely remove sensitive content but the occurrence will be very rare.

How to use Sensitive Content Control

Go to your profile, and tap the Settings menu.


Select Account from the list of options, and then tap Sensitive Content Control

Choose among the three options listed.

This feature has been rolled out to all users on Android and iOS. Instagram has also made this option available only for users above the age of 18. With the new feature, Instagram hopes to give users more choice over the kind of content they want to see on the platform. It could actually help in situations where such content may affect one’s mental health.

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