Instagram to offer more customisation to home feed with these options

Instagram to offer more customisation to home feed with these options
  • Instagram is launching new features on its platform to offer more customisation to its users.
  • It will allow users to choose from three different views of their Home feed.
  • Apart from the standard Home feed, users will be able to choose from Favourites and Following feed views.
Instagram is bringing new features after having released a predictive trends report recently. We had earlier seen that the Meta-owned social networking platform is bringing back its chronological feed feature which was disabled in 2016. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s how you can enable it. Apart from this, Instagram also allowed users to share 60-second videos in stories, up from 15 seconds earlier.

Now moving to the latest update, Instagram is said to offer three new options to users for organising their feeds. It allows users to get more customized updates on their feed. According to the tweet by the Head of Instagram, Adam Moserri, out of the three options, two of them give you the option to see posts in chronological order. These news feed options would be available as Home, Favorites and Following.

As we know how the standard Home feedworks, let’s take a look at what the favourites and following feed view mean.


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With the Favourites feed setting, users will only see the content from accounts which they have marked with a star. This setting limits the content for users to only those accounts which they want to see and interact with. This will help users to get away from the content overload and see only what they like to see.


If a user switches to the Following feed view, they will see the content from the accounts they are following in the chronological order. This feed will not have posts from accounts the user does not follow, allowing them to choose whether they wish to see more content in this space or limit it by following lesser accounts.

These features are still in the testing phase and are expected to arrive to the majority of accounts in a couple of months and roll-out fully in the first half of 2022. Earlier, Instagram had changed the way users interacted with their feed, by bringing AI-backed suggestions, based on what the user generally engages with. This limited the control users had on what they saw at the top of their news feed.

Although Instagram thought the AI-based suggestions were more engaging, it seems to return to displaying posts in chronological order by offering users more control over what they view on the platform.


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