How to export passwords from LastPass

How to export passwords from LastPass
It is easy to export passwords from LastPassLastPass
  • LastPass will soon be free only on one device type – either computer or mobile.
  • If you want to move to an alternative password manager, you can easily export your current passwords from LastPass and import them into the new manager.
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LastPass is a popular password manager that is used by nearly 25 million users around the world, offering features like saving form fills, addresses, card and identity details, apart from saving passwords as well.

Recently, the company behind LastPass – LogMeIn – announced that it will restrict free users to only one device type – either computer or mobile. You can continue using LastPass with all the features currently available on one device type until March 16.

If you are not comfortable with this restriction, you can either pay for the premium service or switch to a different password manager. We have compiled a list of the best password managers in 2021 – you can pick any one of those and be free of LastPass.

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But before you make the switch, you will want to export all your data from LastPass. This is a simple process and can be done within 10-15 minutes – including exporting from LastPass and importing into your new password manager.

How to export passwords from LastPass

First, you will need to login to the LastPass website or use the browser extension. If you do not have it installed, you can head over to the LastPass website and download for your browser.

Once you have logged into your LastPass account, follow these simple steps:

How to export passwords from LastPass
Rounak Jain / screenshot

1. Click on the LastPass extension in your browser.

2. Click on Account Options and select Advanced.

3. Now, click on Export.

This will give you three options – LastPass CSV File, LastPass Encrypted File and Form Fills.

You need to choose between the CSV and Encrypted File options. It is worth noting that the CSV option is less secure as it stores passwords in plaintext format, so anyone who has access to it can view all your passwords.

How to export passwords from LastPass
Rounak Jain / screenshot

Once you click on either of the two options, you will be asked to enter your master password and once that is done, a file will be downloaded.

Now, open your new password manager and locate the ‘Import’ option. Upload the downloaded LastPass file. Your new password manager will automatically organise your imported passwords.


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