scorecardThe iPhone 15 will be available in India faster than its predecessors and it is coming with a Type-C port
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The iPhone 15 will be available in India faster than its predecessors and it is coming with a Type-C port

The iPhone 15 will be available in India faster than its predecessors and it is coming with a Type-C port
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Apple iPhone 14 Pro    ​Apple
  • Apple is scheduled to host its Wonderlust event on September 12.
  • The Cupertino tech giant is scheduled to launch the iPhone 15 series at the event.
  • The iPhone 15 series will come with a USB Type-C port for charging and connectivity.
Apple is all set to host its Wonderlust event on September 12, where the Cupertino tech giant is expected to launch several devices, including the iPhone 15 series, the Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2.

The iPhone 15 series is expected to come with a few firsts for the device, and the major change will be the Lightning port being replaced by the USB Type-C port.

Additionally, iPhone fans in India will finally be able to get their hands on the device at the same time as other countries, without any delays. It’s not just that – the phones in the hands of Indians will be made in India.

Interested to know what you can expect from the latest iPhone 15? Watch our video to learn more about it.

iPhone 15 to feature a USB Type-C port… finally

For the first time in eleven years, the latest iPhone will not feature a lightning port. Apple has been forced to move from a lightning port to the USB Type-C port after the EU introduced rules mandating companies to offer a common charger for all small devices such as smartphones and tablets in a bid to reduce electronic waste.

Apple has been the only smartphone company to not offer a USB Type-C port for its smartphones and EU regulations have finally pushed the company to the Type-C port, which is found on most devices these days.

USB Type-C port can be called as the industry standard for connectivity when it comes to smartphones and Apple’s shift towards this will make it easier for iPhone users to connect and charge their smartphones.

This will also mean that users looking for new cables for the smartphones will be able to get cheaper cables as Type-C cables are available at an affordable price.

The iPhone 15 may be limited to USB 2.0

While the addition of a USB Type-C port is great news, the iPhone 15 series will reportedly be limited to USB 2.0 data transfer speeds, which is 480 Mbps – just like the lightning port. For some context, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with a USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 port that offers 5 Gbps data transfer speeds.

What’s different for India this time

Apple has been producing iPhones in India for some time now but the major change this year is expected to be the timing. Unlike last year wherein the company started production of iPhone 14 in India nearly at the end of September, the production is expected to begin sooner this year.

According to reports, Apple is gearing up to begin the production of the iPhone 15 series in India with its three manufacturers – Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron already sourcing components.

In the first wave, the company is expected to introduce “Made in India” iPhones from the Foxconn plant in Chennai in mid-September.

“Apple has ramped up manufacturing in India. All three manufacturing partners for Apple in India, Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron are awardees of the PLI scheme (Production Linked Incentive) which has been one of the top government schemes aimed at increasing manufacturing in India. India has become a focused market for Apple,” said Shilpi Jain, senior analyst, Counterpoint Research.

Exports from India to start in December

Once the festive season ends in India and the demand is reduced, Apple is expected to begin the exports of iPhones from India to the US and other countries. Apple’s exports from India have been increasing over the years.

iPhones exports from India

iPhone exports from India have been gaining steam amid the company’s pivot away from China. India now accounts for around 7% of Apple’s global production, up from around 1% in 2021 when the government introduced the PLI scheme.

The three manufacturers of iPhones in India have committed to exports worth Rs 61,000 crore for FY24.

Interestingly, the iPhone contributed to over 60% of all mobile exports from India in the first quarter of FY24. Apple’s exports also made electronics the fourth-largest exported items in the first quarter of FY24.

In 2022-23 the Cupertino tech giant exported around $5 billion worth of iPhones from India, out of the total local production worth $7.5 billion, as per an ET report.