Here’s how reverse image search works on Google Search and Chrome

Here’s how reverse image search works on Google Search and Chrome
Image credits- Unsplash
  • Google reverse image search allows you to search with images rather than written keywords.
  • You can do a Google reverse image search on your smartphone with Chrome's mobile app or any computer.
  • A reverse image search can uncover plagiarism and find information about a photo.
Most of us use the internet to perform text-based searches, but sometimes you need to check what an image means or where it came from. For example, if you’re searching for a personality, a meme, or even a product. This is when the concept of reverse image search comes into play. For those of you who don’t know what reverse image search is, here’s some help.

When you do a reverse image search on Google, you place a photo or a link to a photo in the search bar instead of a text query. Google then finds your image following the source of an image. It also finds websites featuring your image as well as related images. Google also detects the subject of your photo and brings up other websites related to your image.

Here, we look at how to reverse image search using Google Search and Chrome web browser.

How to reverse image search using Google Search

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  • Head over to the Google Search homepage.
  • You will see the mic and camera button on the search bar that sits right side.
  • Click on the camera button, and then a small window will pop up where you can either upload an image from your computer or paste an image link.
  • Once done, Google will automatically search for the image on the internet.
The interface is a bit different if you are on a mobile device. If you press the camera button on the right side of the Google Search homepage, the browser will load a window where you can either click and search for an image using the device camera or choose from an existing image on your device.

How to reverse image search using Google Chrome

  • Choose the image from which you want to search for information and right-click the image, and click on the ‘Search images with Google Lens’ option.
  • This will load the Google Lens interface, and similar to ‘How to reverse image search using Google Search,’ you will get options to search text in the image.

When to use Google reverse image search

When you want information about a photo, a reverse image search could bring up a website that includes information about the photo.

The reverse image search will bring up similar images, and this can reveal whether an image was copied from someone else work. Simply, you can uncover plagiarism using the Google reverse image search.

If you are willing to find similar images, a reverse search will populate you with related pictures.

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