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Individual chat lock is now available on WhatsApp: Here’s how to use it

Individual chat lock is now available on WhatsApp: Here’s how to use it
  • WhatsApp's Chat Lock secures conversations in a password-protected or biometric-accessible folder for enhanced privacy.
  • When you lock a chat, it automatically conceals the conversation details in notifications for added privacy.
WhatsApp, the instant messaging app owned by Meta, has introduced a new security feature called Chat Lock to protect users' private conversations. With Chat Lock, individuals can now fortify their intimate chats by adding a layer of security.

This latest addition joins WhatsApp's expanding collection of privacy features, reinforcing the options available for users to safeguard their communication. These existing features include end-to-end encryption, encrypted backups, disappearing messages, screenshot blocking, control over the visibility of the last online status, and various other privacy controls.
How WhatsApp Chat Lock feature work?
The Chat Lock feature allows users to safeguard their individual chats by applying a password and securely storing them in a separate folder. The sender's name and message content remain concealed when a chat is locked.

Locking a chat removes it from the regular inbox and places it in a dedicated folder, which can only be accessed by entering the device password or using biometric authentication such as a fingerprint. Additionally, the contents of the locked chat are automatically hidden in notifications.

To lock a chat, users can simply tap the name of a one-to-one or group conversation and select the lock option. To access these locked chats, users need to slowly pull down their inbox and enter the device password or use biometric authentication.

There are three ways you can lock chats-
  • Face unlock
  • Fingerprint
  • Pin
How to enable chat lock on WhatsApp
  1. Navigate to the chat you wish to lock.
  2. Tap on the profile picture of the contact or group.
  3. Look for a newly introduced option labelled ‘Chat Lock,’ located just below the disappearing message menu.
  4. Activate the chat lock feature by toggling it on.
  5. Authenticate your action by providing your phone password or utilizing biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition.
WhatsApp also announced plans to introduce additional options for Chat Lock in the coming months. These upcoming features will include locking chats on companion devices, allowing users to secure conversations across multiple devices. Additionally, users can create a custom password specifically for their chats, enabling them to use a unique and separate password distinct from their phone's password. These enhancements will give users even more flexibility and control over the security of their WhatsApp conversations.

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