Upcoming electric scooters in India in 2020

Apart from electric cars, electric scooters have also become popular in India in recent times. Several of these vehicles have been announced including the iconic Chetak. With the entry of Bajaj, competition in the electric segment is heating up providing a wire array of options for consumers. And, there are more launches to come.

Piaggio has showcased its Vespa Elettrica, an electric version of the popular Vespa scooter. This is also identical to the Chetak in terms of design which targets the premium segment.

In this post, we will look at some of the recently announced electric scooters and the upcoming scooters in India in 2020.

Bajaj Chetak - retains its classic look

Earlier this year, the iconic Bajaj Chetak was relaunched as an electric scooter. The scooter has been introduced in two variants – Urbane and Premium, priced at ₹1 lakh and ₹1.5 lakh respectively.

The Chetak is a combination of retro and modern designs. It has a round LCD display that fits well with its classic look and at the same time, offers a lot of information.

The Bajaj Chetak is powered by a 3kWh battery that can be charged in 5 hours and has a range of 85 km on sports mode and 95 km on economy mode. It has a top speed of 78 kmph.

It will initially be available in Bengaluru and Pune and should be available in other cities in the coming months.

Ather 450X - with more power, range

Ather, the Bengaluru-based tech start-up recently unveiled the Ather 450X. It is a revamped version of its Ather 450 and brings a bigger battery, increased power and range.

It is powered by a 6 kW electric motor that gives it a top speed of 80 kmph. It has a 2.9 kWh Li-ion battery that gives it a range of 75 km in ride mode and 85 km in Eco mode.

The Ather 450X has been priced at ₹99,000 and the buyer can select from one of the monthly subscription plans for access to charging points. The Plus plan is priced at ₹1,699 per month and the Pro plan is priced at ₹1,999 per month. Buying one of the two plans gives you free charging at Ather Grid points.

TVS iQube Electric comes with Q-Park assist

TVS Motors, the second largest scooter manufacturer in the country too entered the segment with the launch of the iQube Electric. It is priced at ₹1.5 lakh and is currently available in Karnataka only.

It is powered by a 4.4 kW electric motor and has a top speed of 78 kmph. It has a 4.5 kWh 3 Li-ion battery that can be charged in 5 hours and has a range of 75 km on Eco mode. The scooter is equipped with SmaartXonnect and Q-Park assist.

Vespa Elettrica - a neo-retro scooter

The Vespa Elettrica is a premium electric scooter that was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020. Piaggio, the company behind Vespa hasn’t launched the electric scooter in India yet - but said that it plans to do so, soon.

The Vespa Elettrica is identical to the Bajaj Chetak in terms of design and features the same neo-retro look. It has a round headlamp, contrast colour air vents, a 4.3-inch digital instrument panel and smartphone connectivity.

It is powered by a 4kW motor and has two riding modes – Power and Eco. The company has claimed that the scooter can be fully charged in 4 hours and a single charge will give a range of up to 100 km.

We should know more about the Vespa Elettrica, including its price and availability in the coming weeks.

Hero AE-29 - an IOT-enabled scooter

The Hero AE-29 was showcased during the Auto Expo 2020. It has a top speed of 55 kmph and can be charged in under four hours. As per the company, the scooter will have a range of 80 km on a single charge. The company has dubbed the AE-29 as the first IOT-enabled scooter. It features anti-theft smart lock, walk assist, reverse assist and mobile charger.

The Hero AE-29 is expected to be launched in the coming months.

Hero Electric AE-3 - a three-wheeled scooter

Hero has showcased a unique three-wheeled scooter which is also known as a trike. The trike, dubbed as Hero Electric AE-3 will be the first such vehicle to be launched in India.

The Hero Electric AE-3 is powered by a 5.5kW electric motor that gives it a top speed of 80 kmph. It is equipped with a 4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that can be fully charged in 5 hours and has a range of 100 km.

Other features on the AE-3 include geofencing, real-time tracking, fully digital instrument cluster and reverse assist. The scooter can balance itself while standing still by using its gyroscope-enabled auto-balance park switch.

Evolet Raptor - a rotor that pushes for 100 kmph

Evolet, a Gurugram-based start-up showcased the Raptor maxi scooter at the Auto Expo 2020. It is expected to go on sale in June this year. The company has not revealed any information about its price yet.

The Evolet Raptor is powered by a 3kW motor which gives it a top speed of 100 kmph. The company has claimed that the scooter can be fully charged in 3-4 hours and it has a range of 100 – 150 km on a single charge.

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