72 South Delhi families told to self-quarantine after pizza delivery boy tests positive

72 South Delhi families told to self-quarantine after pizza delivery boy tests positive
Families in 72 houses in a locality in Delhi's South District have been told to observe self-quarantine after a delivery boy associated with a famous pizza chain tested positive for Covid-19, a District Magistrate of South Delhi said on Wednesday.

According to DM B.M. Mishra, a delivery boy from a famous pizza chain in Malviya Nagar area tested positive on Tuesday, following which the authorities immediately decided to quarantine his 16 colleagues at the outlet. A detailed trail was followed to identify each house where food was delivered by the outlet.

"We have found that 72 houses had taken delivery from that outlet and hence everyone has been told to follow precautionary measures and be under self- quarantine," Mishra told IANS.

He added that there was no need to panic, as he had informed all the delivery boys to use masks and follow the safety measures while executing a delivery. But the decision to send all contact persons to quarantine was 'necessary' as a precautionary measure.

The said delivery boy is now undergoing treatment at a hospital, while others who came in his contact are being monitored on a daily basis.


Some of the orders from this outlet were also made through food delivery giant Zomato, which said that while all colleagues of the delivery boy have tested negative, as a precautionary measure, the restaurant has now suspended operations for the time being.

"All the co-workers of the said rider have tested negative and as a precaution, the restaurant where the rider worked has suspended operations," a statement by Zomato said.

India currently has 12,380 confirmed cases of Coronavirus according to the data published by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Thursday.

Of these, 10,477 are active cases of COVID-19, 1,488 individuals have recovered and discharged from the hospital, one person migrated to another country and 414 people succumbed to the disease. New Delhi is the second in the race with 1,578 cases after Maharashtra, which stands at 2916.

Among the new list of Coronavirus hotspot districts released by the government are the nine districts of Delhi -- South, South West, Shahdara, South East, West, North, Central, East and New Delhi.


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