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Google Pay now has Tap to Pay for UPI — here’s how to use it

Google Pay now has Tap to Pay for UPI — here’s how to use it
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  • Google Pay gets ‘Tap to Pay’ feature in collaboration with Pine Labs.
  • Google Pay lets you make contactless payments via NFC.
  • It will be available at merchants like Future Retail and Starbucks.
Google’s payment platform Google Pay has launched the ‘Tap to Pay’ UPI-based payment system in collaboration with Pine Labs. This new functionality makes paying easier and faster where you just have to tap the phone to pay, which is seen on some credit and debit cards.

Note that the feature will only work on NFC-enabled Android smartphones to make payments by using any Pine Labs Android POS terminal across the nation. This means to complete payment, you have to just tap your smartphone on the POS terminal and authenticate the payment from your phone, using UPI PIN. This process is quick and seamless when compared to entering a UPI-linked mobile number or scanning a QR code.

Making a statement on development Sajith Sivanandan, Business Head of Google Pay said, “Fintech growth in India is writing the playbook for the world, first with enabling real-time payments with UPI, and further, by innovating with flows that make the transaction time virtually zero. ‘Tap to Pay’ for UPI has profound implications for high traffic retail outlets, with queue management hassles poised to be greatly reduced, and taking digital payments at POS well beyond cards. We are very excited to bring this first-ever innovation to India, in collaboration with Pine Labs.”

Kush Mehra, Chief Business Officer, Pine Labs believes the feature will further strengthen UPI acceptance in India and will appeal young population who have already started adopting contactless and digital payments.

How to use Google Pay Tap to Pay?

First, make sure your smartphone has NFC (Near Field Communication) tag, which is hardware equipment that makes the feature work on the device. The contact is done when the phone’s NFC tag is tapped on the POS machine, which also has a tag to receive the signal.

The feature is only for Android phones, for now, there was no mention of the iOS version yet.

To enable NFC

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Look for the NFC toggle and turn it on or go to the “Search settings” bar, type “NFC”.
  3. Tap and turn on NFC.
To make a payment using NFC

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Tap your phone on the POS terminal (Pine Lab terminals are supported).
  3. The Google Pay app will open automatically.
  4. Confirm the amount to be paid and tap proceed.
  5. Your payment should be done.
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