What is the dual camera feature on Instagram, and how to use it?

What is the dual camera feature on Instagram, and how to use it?
  • Instagram is bringing new features and updates to help users create more engaging and fun content.
  • Recently, it introduced a new camera feature- Dual Camera- for Android and iOS users.
  • Read the post below to learn about this new feature and how to use it.
Despite a lot of trolling and being a topic of discussion about whether Instagram has lost its essence and is becoming more of a video-sharing platform, it did not impact the company’s feature rollout routine.

Recently, the platform introduced a new dual camera feature for Android and iPhone users. This feature enables you to create stories, click pictures and create reels or videos simultaneously with both the front and rear cameras. However, it is said that this new feature of Instagram is very similar to the camera feature of the photo-sharing application BeReal. This isn’t completely new, Nokia had introduced in one of its smartphones in its second inning, and following that, many other OEMs now bake it in the camera app by default.

The dual camera feature on Instagram looks like a video call screen in which the content you are recording with the rear camera will appear on the big screen, and the front camera recording will appear on a small screen. This new feature can make it easy for people to make vlogs, create content or even record people's reactions in real-time.

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Steps on how to use the dual camera feature:

  • Open the application and tap on the 'plus' icon from the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Choose whether you want to create a story or reel from the below options.
  • If you choose to create a Story, click on the story option > select the camera option > tap on the arrow and click the 'Dual Camera' option.
  • Now you can either start recording or click a picture with this feature.
  • If you choose to create a Reel, click on the reel option-> tap the 'Dual Camera' option and start creating the reel.
The front camera screen can easily be shifted anywhere on the screen as per your requirement.

In a recent tweet, Adam Mosseri has also announced other features like Reels Video Merge, Reels Templates, and Remix Improvements that will make it easy and fun to collaborate, create and share reels.

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