How to use Google’s Pixel Repair Tool to get faster Android updates

How to use Google’s Pixel Repair Tool to get faster Android updates
If over-the-air or OTA updates are not arriving quickly on your Pixel device and you don’t like to wait, Google has a solution for you that will help you get faster updates on your device. As per a report, you can use the Pixel Repair Tool to manually install or sideload the updates.

The Pixel Repair Tool has likely been around for some time and was being used internally by customer support. The Pixel Repair Tool is similar to the Android Flash Tool and uses WebUSB technology to connect your Pixel phone directly to a web app.

It’s quite easy to install updates using the Pixel Repair Tool. All you need is a browser that supports WebUSB. You can use the new Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Opera. Apart from this, you will need a Pixel 3 or newer device that is running on Android 10, a USB cable and an internet connection.

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Before we get started, make sure to backup up your phone’s data just in case something goes wrong. Also, make sure that your device has enough battery.

How to use Pixel Repair Tool to update your Pixel phone

  • First, head over to the Pixel Repair Tool website.
  • Now, choose your carrier from the list.
  • Then, turn off your phone and hold the volume button and power button for a few seconds.
  • Once you see the bootloader screen, use the volume buttons to scroll down.
  • When you reach ‘Rescue Mode’, press the power button.
  • Now, connect your Pixel phone to the computer and click the ‘Connect Phone’ button.
  • A pop-up will ask for your permission to connect – click on your phone and then click on ‘Connect’.
  • If there is an update available, you will see the text ‘Update Recommended’.
  • Click on ‘Update Phone’ and then click on ‘Confirm’.
  • After a few minutes, the update will automatically be installed on your device.
You can check if the device was updated successfully by going to the settings app:

  • Click on ‘Settings’.
  • Now, tap on ‘About Phone’ and then select ‘Android Version’.
  • The Android Security Patch will show you the version you are currently on.
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