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Android features that we want to see on the Apple iPhone 14 series

Android features that we want to see on the Apple iPhone 14 series
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  • Apple has scheduled iPhone 14 event for September 7.
  • The company is expected to reveal the iPhone 14 series, new Apple Watches, AirPods Pro 2 along with all new iOS 16.
  • Below, check out some Android features we want to see on the iPhone 14.
On September 7, Apple will announce the upcoming lineup of the iPhone 14 series along with four new Apple headsets. Announced back in June at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 16 is also expected to debut on September 7. If you are wondering if your iPhone will support iOS 16, check the list of compatible iPhones here.
The Beta version of iOS 16 includes a completely overhauled Lock Screen with extensive personalisation widgets and features. There are new Passkeys, Focus filters, Safari Shared Tab Groups, a new iCloud Shared Photo Library, and more. Some of these iOS 16 features do not sound new or unique compared to its only competitor Android.
Similar to this, there are many other Android features that the iPhone 14 lineup could (we want) borrow from Android.
Below, we’ve listed some of the Android features we would like to see on the upcoming iPhone 14 or in future updates.

Magic Eraser

Google Photos app has a function called Magic Eraser, which enables you to eliminate unwanted things from your photograph and then replace the empty area with hues and details that blend in with the backdrop. Just like its name, it acts like magic and is currently available exclusively for Pixel devices, and Samsung has also put it in some of its phones.

More optical zoom - 10x

This is the feature we eagerly want to see on the upcoming iPhone 14. No iPhone has this feature, and only a handful of Android devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, have this feature. Since all new iPhones boast great cameras, this addition will only make it more advanced in many ways.

Ultra-fast charging

The iPhone tops out under 30W fast charging, which is pretty slow by 2022 standards. Android devices support up to 150W fast charging, which means they can go from 0 to 100 in just a few minutes. Also, wirelessly they support up to 50W charging, which is way faster than Apple’s wired charging. We would love to see at least 50W fast charging support in the upcoming iPhone 14- series. Especially when the prices are among the highest in the industry.

Type-C port

There have been rumours that Apple will soon ditch its proprietary Lightning port in place of USB-C, but it looks like it's not happening anytime soon. We may also see ultra-fast charging support if we see a Type-C USB port in the upcoming Apple iPhone 14. While that looks unlikely, Apple will likely have to go the Type-C route as many governments are now considering uniform charging as a policy. Europe is leading the charge, and there were reports that India is also considering it.

Split screen mode

There are times when we want to run two applications simultaneously. Instead of jumping between the apps, Android has a built-in split-screen mode which lets users view two apps side-by-side on their screen. For example, the split-screen mode is handy when a user searches for a product on Amazon while checking its price on Flipkart simultaneously. Or when you are taking a note from a video class.

Clear all apps with one touch

Similar to Android smartphones, a clear all button in the app switcher in iOS will let users close multiple apps with one touch. This feature can come in handy as, currently, users can close only one app at a time on iPhone.