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What is superfoods and truth behind Superfoods

What is superfoods and truth behind Superfoods
LifeScience1 min read
superfoods are a sudden fad amongst the current generation. They’re supposed to be super good for your health and are known to drive away all illnesses. According to a popular belief, they’re great to overcome all your bad habits!

Here are a few facts about superfoods that nobody told you.

  1. No magic, no miracle
As per Dr. Nina Shaparo, author of “Hype”, no food alone is good enough to keep you healthy. One might keep eating berries everyday or even an apple, but could still land up with some or the other deficiencies. Exercise along with good food is the only key to a fit life. No food, with all its antioxidants and everything else, will save you unless you eat them right and in the correct proportions.

  1. The secret- Balanced diet
Balancing your foods is the actual magical formula to a healthy life. All the rest of it is just a notion and can change with time. Many super foods keep coming with a newer generation, for example, in the 1980s, a sudden fad of a preference of frozen yogurt over ice cream took over the market, while now they’ve discovered that they contain nearly the same amount of sugar! So we can see, a balanced food intake is what keeps you going. You can add or deduct whatever suits you!

  1. The concept of pronunciation
Simply stating, the more difficult it is to pronounce, or the more exotic a food is, it is easily labelled as a superfood. For instance, quinoa and Goji berries are now flooding the markets and numerous articles and dieticians are promoting its use. People tend to believe that anything that has been working in other countries is bound to help them too, when in reality, it is the locals that are the best for you!

All in all, a balanced will resolve most of your daily requirements of vitamins and essential nutrients. Add a bit of exercise and you don’t those expensive superfoods to stay healthy!