Action Bronson lost 127 pounds in 9 months eating scrambled eggs, chicken, and broccoli

Action Bronson lost 127 pounds in 9 months eating scrambled eggs, chicken, and broccoli
Bronson has lost over 120 pounds since March.Cindy Ord/Getty Images for BEYOND THE STREETS/bambambaklava/Instagram
  • Action Bronson lost 127 pounds in nine months, dropping from nearly 400 pounds to 249 pounds.
  • Bronson told Men's Health he did it following a low carb diet, along with exercise and will power.
  • The chef's go-to foods were broccoli, chicken, and plenty of protein shakes.

Rapper and chef Action Bronson underwent a drastic body transformation over the last nine months. As many of us adjusted to working at home during the pandemic, Bronson decided it was time to get fit.

The Queens-born artist told Men's Health he lost 127 pounds in the last nine months, inspired by the birth of his son last year.

"I've been a big boy my whole life and it got out of control," he told Men's Health. "My entire career was based around living a fast, hard life. And I got myself together and here we are in December and I'm 249 pounds this morning-shredded!"

Bronson said changing his diet was crucial to his weight loss, in addition to hitting the gym and "will power."

Bronson starts his morning with soft scrambled eggs and protein shakes

The rapper wakes up around 4:30 a.m. to fit working out into his busy schedule. Before his morning of lifting, bench pressing, and hitting a boxing bag, Bronson likes to start off with a protein shake and softly scrambled eggs.


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Bronson's special protein shake recipe includes olive oil, fruit, almonds, almond milk, and protein. He normally makes two portions of the shake: one for before the workout and one for immediately after.

For his eggs, Bronson likes to avoid any browning - like most professional chefs.

The chef's lunch consists of 5 to 10 egg whites along with chicken - but that doesn't stop him from mixing it up occasionally

Bronson told Men's Health after he finishes up his workout he tries to eat immediately. The chef can eat five to 10 egg whites along with chicken and "lots of broccoli" tossed with olive oil and garlic.

Bronson had to work hard to cut out unhealthy snacking. He's replaced it by making a third protein shake to drink throughout the day and munching on roasted nuts with cinnamon, honey, and cayenne pepper.

Though he has his go-to lunch, it doesn't stop him from being adventurous with his food choices within reason.


"It's so hard to tell you what I eat because it's different day-to-day. My mother-in-law may be there and she's making sopita - you can't say no to that, but it's healthy," Bronson said.

For his dinners, Bronson likes to 'keep it light' with a low carb meal, usually consisting of broccoli and chicken

Like much of his day, Bronson keeps his dinners low carb with grilled chicken and broccoli.

While the chef is happy with the change in his life, it doesn't stop him from missing the occasional carb, like pizza and good pasta.

Bronson has completely cut dessert out of his life, aside from raw sweets like cocoa and almond butters or the occasional baklava, a sweet pastry his Albanian family serves only on special occasions.

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