Dyson’s futuristic air-purifying, noise-canceling headphones are ready to hit the market from January 2023

Dyson’s futuristic air-purifying, noise-canceling headphones are ready to hit the market from January 2023
Dyson ZoneDyson
  • Dyson has launched Zone, a noise-canceling headphone with an air purifier.
  • Dyson Zone has been priced at $949 and will be available in selected countries starting from January 2023.
  • The headphone protects users from noise and air pollution.
Headphones have been offering noise cancellation for a long time, offering users a noise-free audio experience. In addition to protecting users from the noise around them, Dyson has introduced a new product that will protect you from air pollution.

The Dyson Zone is a unique noise-canceling headphone with an air purifier to ensure that you can breathe clean air even outdoors. The device was first revealed in March 2022 and is finally launched in selected countries.

Dyson Zone price and availability

The Dyson Zone has been priced at $949 (approx. ₹78,150), making it costlier than the Apple AirPods Max headphones. The headphone will go on sale in January in China and from March in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Currently, there is no information about the device’s India availability.

Dyson Zone design and performance

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The Dyson Zone looks like a regular headphone when the air purifier is not attached. It comes with a detachable visor that uses compressors to draw air, purify it through two levels of filters, and project two streams of air into the user’s nose and mouth.

The air purifier can capture 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns and also targets acidic gases in city pollution, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Dyson Zone features and specifications


The Dyson Zone has reportedly been developed after six years of research and is aimed at providing on-the-go air purification. The device has 40mm, neodymium drivers, ensuring clear audio and powerful sound.

The highlight of the device is its air purification technology. The company has equipped the Dyson Zone with electrostatic filters, K-Carbon and potassium-enriched carbon filters.

The headphone is equipped with eleven microphones, and active noise cancellation (ANC) uses eight of these microphones to offer up to 38 decibels of noise cancellation.

The device offers a battery life of 50 hours when used in audio mode. When air purification is enabled, the battery life drops to four hours. The device can be fully charged in three hours.


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