How to stream gameplay from Sony PlayStation 5

How to stream gameplay from Sony PlayStation 5
  • Users don’t need a PlayStation Plus subscription to stream gameplay.
  • Make sure you get access to Twitch & YouTube accounts.
  • Follow the steps below for to find out how to stream games on PS5.
If you’re among the lucky ones who have managed to get your hands-on PlayStation 5 despite limited stock — congratulations! The PlayStation 5 offers is a huge update over its predecessor with more power, better gameplay experience, higher resolution, framerates and detailed textures along with advanced features like ray-tracing.

The PlayStation has built-in support for streaming which allows you to ditch the capture card and dedicated PC setup for Twitch and YouTube streams. Sony has made streaming seamlessly in PS5. All you have to do is just press a few buttons and you are good to go.

For broadcasting games, you have to link your YouTube and Twitch accounts with the PlayStation network.

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Below, you can read in detail how to stream to Twitch and YouTube with PlayStation. So let’s get started.

Stream on Twitch
To begin, you’ll need to link your Twitch account to the PlayStation network. To connect, head to the settings and select ‘Users and Accounts’ and then ‘Link with Other Services’. Choose the Twitch icon and link your account.

You will get two options to link your account. First, scan the QR code provided on the screen with mobile and second, visit in the web browser and then enter the code displayed on the screen.

Once you have signed into Twitch. Launch the game which you want to broadcast and when ready press the ‘Create’ button on the PS5 controller— located to the upper right of the D-pad. Select the Broadcast option which appears to be the radio tower.

Hit the Go Live button after that you will see the Now Broadcasting banner on display stating that you are live now. You can also change the streaming setting by adjusting the video quality.

To stop the stream just press the Create button once again to access the Broadcasting menu. Select the ‘Stop broadcast’ option to end the broadcast also you can select the ‘Pause Broadcast’ option if you want to pause the broadcast temporarily.

Stream to YouTube
Streaming on YouTube has a similar process. Link your Youtube account with the PlayStation network and to do that head to the Settings menu on PS5 and select the ‘User and Accounts’ and head to ‘Link with Other Services’.

Select the YouTube icon, once your account is linked you can start the streaming. Launch the game which you want to stream and then press the ‘Create’ button on the PS5 controller. When you are ready to share the stream select the ‘Broadcast’ option and choose ‘Go Live’. Just like Twitch, you can customize the streaming settings.

Things to consider while streaming game
As mentioned above you can customize the streaming aspect including video and audio. Video quality options are available between 1280x720 (HD) at 30fps and 1920x1080 (full HD) at 60fps. Remember, the higher resolution the better streaming video quality but more bandwidth.

For streaming your gameplay live, you don’t need PlayStation Plus. You will just need an internet connection and Twitch or YouTube account.

If you want to stream more than just gameplay then in the menu found behind the ellipsis (...) button you can choose to stream from a connected camera including voice chat audio in addition to your gameplay.

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