Xiaomi teases Mi Notebook launch in India – will be the company’s first laptop in the country

Xiaomi teases Mi Notebook launch in India – will be the company’s first laptop in the country
Xiaomi Mi NotebookXiaomi
  • The Mi Notebook will be Xiaomi’s first laptop in India.
  • Xiaomi had teased its launch at the start of 2020, saying it will bring its laptops to India.
  • Xiaomi has also been working on expanding the presence of the comparatively premium Mi brand in India, and the Mi Notebook will be the next major device to launch under this name.
Xiaomi is finally bringing the long-awaited Mi Notebook range of laptops in India. It had confirmed plans to launch Mi-branded laptops in India at the start of 2020, and now it seems that the company is finally ready to bring them to the country.

Xiaomi India’s Managing Director Manu Kumar Jain posted a teaser video on Twitter, saying “It’s time”.

In the video, Manu Kumar Jain is seen using a laptop. In response, a Twitter user said “Redmibook”, which was immediately corrected by Xiaomi India that the hashtag says “Mi”. This confirms that the laptop will be Mi Notebook.

Currently, Xiaomi sells several laptops under the Mi Notebook branding. It has the standard Mi Notebook laptop, a Pro variant, the Mi Gaming laptop and the Mi Laptop Air. Given the company’s history in India, it could start with the basic Mi Notebook. The sizes of these Mi laptops range from 12.5-inch to 15.6-inch.


Based on the laptop that Jain used in the teaser video, it is very likely the Mi Notebook 2019 model, although there is a possibility that Xiaomi could launch an updated version in India.

The Mi Notebook 2019 has a 15.6-inch display and is powered by the Intel Core i7 9th-gen processor, with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD.

Xiaomi is expanding the presence of the Mi brand in India

While Xiaomi is also known as ‘Mi’ amongst many Indians, primarily because it’s easier to say, the company hasn’t given it the centerstage in India. Instead, Redmi-branded devices dominate the Indian market, primarily because they are more affordable when compared to Mi-branded devices.

That seems to be changing now, though. Xiaomi announced its return to the premium flagship segment in India with the Mi 10 launch on May 8. It has also launched several other products via its crowdfunding platform – the most significant one being the Mi Robot Vacuum which costs ₹17,999.

The Mi Notebook will be the next important launch from Xiaomi. This, coupled with the launch of other Mi-branded devices signals a shift in strategy from Xiaomi as it looks to improve its margins in the Indian market.

The exact details of the Mi Notebook that is expected to launch in India are not known yet. We should know more in the coming days, and since the teaser video is out already, the launch may not be too far.


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