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Sheryl Sandberg: Too many men think hiring a few women makes their companies diverse

Susan Fowler, the engineer who took down Uber, is working on a movie deal

Intel just challenged IBM and Google in a type of supercomputing that uses temperatures 250 times colder than deep space

Uber's head of HR says she never met with Susan Fowler, the woman who's blog post exposed the company

IBM wants lawmakers to protect dreamers by the end of the year and is going all out to persuade them

$1.6 billion startup MongoDB could be worth less than $1 billion when its IPO happens next week

How a woman took on a Twitter harasser who threatened her with rape - and won

An activist investor praises Apple, and slams Google, over equal pay for women transparency

Benchmark may have found a new way to ban Travis Kalanick from Uber

Melinda Gates: Corporate America must stop demanding we all be workaholics

'There is a high cost to a bad reputation,' Uber's CEO warns employees after being banned in London

Uber exec says it never used its notorious 'Greyball' tech to evade regulators in the UK

A VC named in Uber's boardroom drama is leaving Benchmark

Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt: The 'real secret' to success is sleep

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