scorecardA YouTuber switched to a vegan diet for 180 days, losing 22 pounds while getting 'fitter than ever'
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A YouTuber switched to a vegan diet for 180 days, losing 22 pounds while getting 'fitter than ever'

Gabby Landsverk   

A YouTuber switched to a vegan diet for 180 days, losing 22 pounds while getting 'fitter than ever'
LifeScience2 min read
  • YouTuber The Unlazy Way aka Jonne Tiili tried a vegan diet for 180 days and got "fitter than ever."
  • He said plant-based eating helped increase his energy, and he was able to smash his fitness goals.
  • But he felt gassy at first, spent more money on food, and didn't like feeling restricted.

A popular YouTuber recently showed off how vegan diets might benefit athletes by boosting energy and supporting lean muscle mass, Men's Health recently reported.

Jonne Tiili, creator of the vlog The Unlazy Way, decided to try a vegan diet for 180 days. While there were some side effects, said he felt more energetic, got leaner, and smashed his performance goals along the way.

He was inspired to try plant-based diet after watching "The Game Changers," a documentary about the benefits of veganism for performance and overall health.

Plant-based eating may have a learning curve

Tiili's self-professed lack of cooking skills meant that the plant-based meals were initially bland and flavorless. This improved after about a month, though, as he figured out a routine.

His typical daily meals included:

  • Morning: matcha tea and a green smoothie
  • Breakfast: fruit and oatmeal
  • Lunch and dinner: plant-based soup or pasta dishes
  • Bedtime snack: another green smoothie with valerian root

In total, he was able to eat over 4,500 calories a day to support his training, and also hit his macronutrient goals, eating about 60% carbohydrates, 20% fat and 20% protein.

"I did sometimes feel like my protein intake was a bit too low, so I used some plant-based protein powders to cover for that," he said.

Side effects of a vegan diet can include gassiness, and a higher grocery budget

The vegan diet took some adjusting to at first.

Tiili found that all the added fiber of eating more vegetables and grains left him with some digestive distress, including gassiness (a common complaint of first time vegans).

He also quickly discovered that sticking to a vegan diet can be expensive. He spent the equivalent of about $165 on a week's worth of food. The cost did go down over time, though, as he was able to shop more strategically and buy in bulk.

Benefits including more energy, weight loss, and a strong athletic performance

Tiili said that he felt more energetic while eating a plant-based diet, and also felt like his energy was more stable throughout the day.

It also helped with weight loss. He lost about 11 pounds in the first two months of being vegan, and about 22 pounds by the end of the six-month diet. This significantly reduced his body fat percentage.

During the diet period, he hit several athletic goals, including completing a marathon, improving his speed on smaller distances such as a mile and 5K, and doing 1,000 pull-ups in one day.

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However, Tiili cautioned that these results are linked to his intense exercise regimen, as he was also training for a triathlon during the diet.

"It would be unfair to say that a plant-based diet was the sole reason behind this transformation and increase in performance," he said.

Tilli ultimately said he wasn't sticking to a vegan diet, since he didn't want to restrict himself by cutting out animal products, but would continue to include plant-based foods for the majority of his diet.