Proposal: no tax on income up to ₹5 lakhs

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PM Narendra Modi on sops for farmers in Budget 2019
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PM Modi on Budget2019
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Congress President on Interim Budget 2019-20
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Senior Congress leader takes a jibe at Budget 2019
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"Budget 2019-20 is pro-growth," tweets Arun Jaitley
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Congress on Piyush Goyal's Budget speech
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Industrialist Anand Mahindra on Piyush Goyal's Interim Budget 2019-20 speech
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Benefit of rollover on capital gains (up to ₹2 crores) from sale of real estate will be available for two houses, once in a lifetime
12:37 PM
No need for TDS on house rent up to ₹2,40,000: Piyush Goyal
12:36 PM
If you have two self-occupied properties, you won't have to pay 'notional rent' on one of the properties
12:33 PM
Given the excess expenditure planned, it is not clear how the government will achieve the targets
Given the excess expenditure planned, it is not clear how the government will achieve the targets
12:26 PM
Allocation for welfare for SC/ST ₹56,619 crore in FY19 budget estimate to ₹62,400 crore in revised estimate, another 35% increase to ₹76,000 crore in FY20
12:23 PM
Total expenditure to rise 13.3% in 2019-20 to ₹2.78 trillion: Piyush Goyal
12:19 PM
India will have an Indian astronaut in space by 2022: Piyush Goyal
12:19 PM
Digital India will reach every citizen by 2030: Piyush Goyal
12:16 PM
This India will be drive on electric vehicles, India will lead the world in the transport revolution: Piyush Goyal
12:13 PM
India will be a $5 trillion economy in 5 years, and worth $10 trillion in another 8 years, says Piyush Goyal
12:13 PM
Big jump in capital expenditure from Railways
Big jump in capital expenditure from Railways
12:07 PM
GST burden on homebuyers will reduce, a decision awaits recommendation from a group of ministers
12:02 PM
No income tax changes announced so far
12:01 PM
Within the next two years, all verification of tax returns under scrutiny will be done without any personal interface between the tax official and the assessee: Piyush Goyal
11:59 AM
Direct tax collections jumped to over ₹12 trillion and an 80% jump in tax base: Piyush Goyal
11:58 AM
Piyush Goyal felt the 'josh' in the movie 'Uri'
11:57 AM
Piyush Goyal: Single window clearance for Indian filmmakers who need permission to shoot
11:56 AM
Piyush Goyal: This government aims to have 1 lakh digital villages in the next five years
11:52 AM
Piyush Goyal: Overall capital expenditure plan for Railways at ₹1.58 trillion, a record high, budgetary support ₹64,587 crore
11:51 AM
Piyush Goyal: Will improve the movement of container cargo in the north east through Brahmaputra river
11:50 AM
Piyush Goyal: Sagarmala Project will make import and export of goods faster
11:50 AM
Piyush Goyal: India's youth have found employment opportunities in aviation sector
11:49 AM
Piyush Goyal: India has over 100 operational airports now, domestic passenger traffic has doubled in last five years
11:46 AM
Piyush Goyal: DIPP will be renamed as Dept of promotion of industries and internal trade (DPII)
11:45 AM
Piyush Goyal: GEM platform extended to all public sector enterprises
11:45 AM
Piyush Goyal: Government will have to source more from small and medium enterprises, limit increased to 25%
11:43 AM
Piyush Goyal: The narrative around jobs is changing. Job seekers have become job creators
11:37 AM
Piyush Goyal: ₹7.23 trillion worth of loans given under MUDRA scheme so far
11:36 AM
More sops for rural India
More sops for rural India
11:31 AM
2% interest subvention for animal husbandry: Piyush Goyal
Additional rebate of 3% if the loan is paid on time
11:28 AM
Piyush Goyal: ₹20,000 crores set aside for the PMKISAN programme in FY19 too
11:28 AM
Cost of PMKISAN programme, direct income support to small and marginal farmers, will cost the government annually ₹75,000 crores
11:27 AM
PMKISAN programme will benefit 12 crore farmers: Piyush Goyal
11:26 AM
Piyush Goyal: Direct income support for land holding up to 2 hectare ₹6,000 a month directly transferable
11:25 AM
Piyush Goyal: PMKISAN programme to support income for small and marginal farmers
11:19 AM
Piyush Goyal: ₹19,000 crore allocated for rural road construction in 2019-20
11:18 AM
Piyush Goyal: 15,80,000 out of 17,84,000 habitations have been connected with pucca roads
11:16 AM
Piyush Goyal: MNREGA allocation ₹60,000 crore for 2019-20
11:16 AM
Piyush Goyal: Nearly 2 lakh seats available for reservation for economically backward people
11:14 AM
Piyush Goyal: India has over 98% rural sanitation coverage, 545,000 villages declared free of open defacation
11:13 AM
Piyush Goyal: Expect more banks to be free from lending restrictions in the future
11:12 AM
Piyush Goyal: Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra and Oriental Bank of Commerce free from lending restrictions
11:11 AM
Piyush Goyal: The insolvency and bankruptcy code has institutionalised recovery of unpaid loans
11:07 AM
Piyush Goyal: Modi government has broken the back of 'back breaking inflation'
11:06 AM
Piyush Goyal: The last five years has seen India being recognised as a bright spot in the world. Average GDP growth in the last five years has been faster than under any government since 1991.
11:05 AM
Piyush Goyal: Everybody will have a house, toilets, electricity and farmers income would have doubled by 2022.
11:04 AM
Piyush Goyal: India is marching towards growth and prosperity
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Din in Lok Sabha as FM Piyush Goyal begins speech
10:59 AM
FM Piyush Goyal's Budget speech to begin shortly
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Budget speech hasn't started, but protests have...
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One of the biggest reasons for India's jobs crisis...
One of the biggest reasons for India's jobs crisis...
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Where do the government subsidies go?
Where do the government subsidies go?
10:26 AM
Just about 30 minutes to go for Narendra Modi government's sixth budget
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Just opening bank accounts is not enough...
34 crore bank accounts were opened under the Jan Dhan Yojana, President Ram Nath Kovind said on January 31. But as the chart shows, bank loans to agriculture has significantly slowed down in recent years.
Just opening bank accounts is not enough...
10:18 AM
Why budget 2019 may offer more relief to rural India?
One of the big reasons for the distress in rural India has been the fall in the growth rate for rural wages. Despite steady inflation, rural Indians have struggled to make ends meet in the Modi regime, as seen in this chart.
Why budget 2019 may offer more relief to rural India?
10:11 AM
What is fiscal deficit?
Why should you care? Rise in fiscal deficit eventually leads to weaker rupee, higher inflation and higher interest rate on bank loans.
What is fiscal deficit?
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Piyush Goyal meets President Ram Nath Kovind
09:40 AM
The budget speech from Piyush Goyal is scheduled to start at 11 am. Less than two hours to go!
09:39 AM
Will it be an interim budget or a full one?
Traditionally, election year budgets are meant to offer a report card for the year gone by, and to make small allocations until a new government is voted in. But will team Narendra Modi break tradition and make a poll pitch from the floor of the Parliament?
09:36 AM
Stand in finance minister Piyush Goyal will present the budget as Arun Jaitley is in the US due to health reasons.
09:35 AM
Countdown begins...
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Why is budget 2019 important?
The incumbent government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi will present its final budget before the world's largest democracy votes again in less than 100 days from now.