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Cancer and Virgo zodiac signs have produced the largest number of billionaires in India says the hurun report

Mar 11, 2020, 16:12 IST
In the list of richest persons in India, about 11.2% are Cancerians and around 10.5% are Virgos. The Hurun Study Report shows these two zodiac signs to have produced the most billionaires in the country. Is there anything special about these zodiac signs? What characteristics of these zodiac signs have blessed these natives with a huge wealth? Read on to find some answers to these queries.

Key Star Signs In IIFL Wealth Hurun India Wealth List 2019
RankZodiac SignTotal contribution to the list in percentageRichest PersonWealth in INR Cr
Cancer11.2Gautam Adani94,500
Virgo10.5Sahppor Pallonji Mistry76,800
Aries9.2Mukesh Ambani380,700
Leo8.9Azim Premji117,100
Scorpio8.5Yusuff Ali Ma35,700
Gemini8.3LN Mittal107,300
Capricorn8.3Smita V Crishna31,400
Pisces8.1Yday Kotak94,100
Libra8.0Dilip Shanghvi71,500
Taurus6.4Cyrus Poonawalla88,800
Aquarius6.3Nusli Wadia42,400
Sagittarius6.0SP Hinduja186,500

Cancerians can amass a huge wealth

Cancer natives are highly intuitive, emotional, sympathetic, hardworking and loyal. They are highly persuasive when it comes to getting works done. While a Cancerian can never take criticisms lightly, they can be moody, suspicious, insecure and pessimistic in their attitudes.

If a Cancerian sets out on a task, he or she will never rest until the job is done. Usually, Cancerians do not like to work in a team. They perform at their best when left alone. For a Cancerian, the two most important things in life are security and money. To achieve these twin ends, they work as hard as they can. While a Cancerian is very good at making money, he or she will think a hundred times when it comes to spending money. Hence most Cancerians are good at saving. None else can manage finances better than a Cancerian.


Meet a Cancerian Billionaire

Gautam Adani has an estimated net worth of INR 94,500 Crores. A cancer native, Gautam Adani is the richest person hailing from this zodiac sign that has given birth to about 11.2% billionaires in the country. Gautam Adani is the founder of Adani Group, the Indian Multinational Conglomerate with its headquarters in Mumbai. The group has its businesses in the domains of energy, resources, financial services, agribusiness, logistics, real estate, defense and aerospace.

Virgos have a great potential to create wealth

The Virgo born are highly analytical and kind. They are hardworking and highly practical. They are sincere and committed when it comes to work and they hardly rest or feel like relaxing back. While a Virgo born can become over-critical of others, many times, he or she might be found worried over little things.

Virgos can get to the core of a problem very easily and quickly. Those missions that require an organized working, analytical skills, and problem solving, none else than a Virgo born can give his or her best. Virgos are perfectionists. They have a keen eye for details and they give their best to any tasks they take up. Virgos are good at saving money. Virgos want some genuine reason when it comes to spending and they can never tolerate irrational and thrifty spending. A Virgo born will feel guilty if he or she has got to indulge in some fun and pleasures. Hence they generally prefer to stay with work rather than move around and spend time on socializing and entertainment.

Meet a Virgo billionaire

Shapoor Pallonji Mistry’s net worth is estimated at INR 76,800 crores. The richest one among the Virgo born billionaires in India, he belongs to the zodiac sign that has produced about 10.5% billionaires in India. Pallonji Mistry controls the Shapporji Pallonji Group, an engineering and construction company headquartered in Mumbai. This is a 154 year old firm that he inherited from his father Sahapoorji Pallonji.

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