Dhoni and Virat Kohli tell you why they wear No. 7 and No. 18 jerseys in every match

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Watching them play on your TV sets, you can identify the cricketers from their jersey numbers. But you are not a real fan if you don't know the underlying reasons why your favourite cricketers wear the same jersey in every match.

These numbers have a story behind them. More often it's something to do with their personal lives, a fact many fans are aware of.

Here, find out the stars speaking for themselves to know why MS Dhoni has No.7 and Virat Kohli has No. 18 on the back of their jerseys, why Rohit Sharma feels number 45 is lucky for him and what led to R Ashwin opting for No. 99!

- Dhoni was born on the 7th, hence No 7
- When Virat joined the India under-19 team, he was given No 18 and he has held onto it ever since. First lucky charm, like they say.
-Rohit Sharma's mother picked up No 45 for him while he was playing Under-19 World Cup and guess what, it's working for him fine!
- Yuvraj's reason for having No 12 is kickass. Born on 12, in the 12th month (December), at 12 noon and in Sector 12. Woaaaaaah!!
- R Ashwin's got 99 because his school roll number was 9 and some of the best cricketers had No 9. So he doubled it to 99.

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