Indian Election Fever Has Hit Google As They Launch Know Your Candidate Tool | Business Insider India

Indian Election Fever Has Hit Google As They Launch Know Your Candidate Tool

This is probably the best tool to know about your Indian constituency candidates. You can get to know about the incumbent applicants and other ones in a particular area. The 'Know Your Candidate' tool can be reached on this link here.

Citizens can get all the relevant information of the candidates with their names and party they belong to. The tool also shows criminal cases against a particular leader along with their assets info.

To search one just needs to type their pin code in the box available on the top right corner and hit the search button. Then the map will automatically zero in the constituency and show the list of candidates on the left hand side. The information about the candidates has been taken from Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), PRS Legislative Research and Liberty Institute India. Additional information is also available, which takes you to the web portal.

The tool works well on most occasions, but at times shows some colonies at the edge of a constituency to be in a different one. This tool covers the complete length and breadth of the country with most of the politicians/candidates that are in the running in the Loka Sabha Polls 2014.

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