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India’s Own Version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, It’s Called Rice Bucket Challenge

Indians are known to take inspirations and break new grounds with that. In the wake of the recent ice bucket challenge wave that swept the whole world, an Indian journalist based in Hyderabad, Manju Latha Kalanidhi, came up with its 'desi' version by the name of Rice Bucket Challenge.

"Indian version for Indian Needs, Lets challenge our friends to take up the #RiceBucketChallenge," says the description in the Facebook page of the social campaign.

This challenge is a way to encourage charity for the poor. Under this challenge, the participants need to donate one bucket of cooked or raw rice to a poor household.

Even though the challenge was started only this Sunday and is still in its early stages, it has come as a fresh change. This new challenge is gearing up for a huge welcome. The official Facebook page has more than 10,000 likes in less than two days of its beginning.

Just like the Ice Bucket Challenge asks for a donation of $100 to the ALS association, for the Rice Bucket Challenge you can donate Rs 100 to a nearby hospital for the treatment of any poor patient.

"It's local, desi and a practical solution to issues in the vicinity. Instead of wasting water on ice bucket challenge, save water and feed the hungry," said the Facebook account of this 'desi' challenge.

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