Six ways Youtube made a difference in the last decade

Youtube has completed ten years in May 2015. From Psy’s Gangnam music video to the best moments of IPL matches, Youtube has showed you all. On its 10th anniversary we bring to you six videos through which Youtube made a real difference in the world in the decade gone by.

1. How to make mundane yet an important message sticky? Youtube showed how. And this video came just after Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of section 377. Just when the LGBT community started losing hope, Youtube came up with this.

2. Talking about traffic rules, Youtube nailed it again with the video “Dumb ways to die”, a social campaign started by Melbourne Metro Train to create awareness about safety rules which should be followed while boarding a metro rail. This soon became a favourite among metro commuters all over the world.

Havells will thank Youtube for making all those ‘Respect Women’ advertisements go viral within hours of its launch. We give you a personal favourite. It carried a clear message to the society to stop treating women as home appliances.

4. Youtube’s END7 campaign will be remembered by all forever. Such a strong campaign to end seven diseases by 2020 would not have created such a powerful impact had it not been for Youtube’s creativity and reach.

5. Who would have thought that Youtube is so powerful a medium that through it one can force the government to end a controversial bill? Yes, the controversial bill to reduce union workers bargaining rights in Ohio was defeated although it had a tight contest. Campaigners took to Youtube to create a clear and concise message to sway voters. It showed every day Ohio citizen and how the vote would affect them.

6. How can we miss out AIB? These young entrepreneurs took to Youtube to promote innovative messages against social stereotypes with a touch of humour. With their video on net neutrality, they again raised their voice in a way which few can manage in these times of censorship and ban.

And now sit back and watch the very first Youtube video ever!

(image and video credits: Youtube,