The Winklevoss Twins Are Reportedly Getting Into The Hedge Fund Game


AP Images

The Wall Street Journal's Rob Copeland reports Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are making their first foray into Wall Street as they back a hedge fund run by a fellow Harvard graduate.

The twin brothers already invest in several firms, including a start-up that lets people know when stores are having sales, and a company that raises money for start ups.

In 2012, the pair came to a reported $65 million settlement with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over claims to the company's copyrights.
The hedge fund, Briarwood Chase, is run by fellow Harvard graduate Aalap Mahadevia. It was already operating out of the Winklevoss Capital offices, and is said to start trading with approximately $60 million this quarter, Copeland reports.

By the way, their Bitcoin ETF is not yet operational as it awaits regulatory approval.

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