The mother of Mexico's most notorious drug lord says he gets unfairly blamed for everything

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PBS Frontline/Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty

The home of Consuelo Loera, the mother of Joaquín "El Chapo" or "Shorty" Guzmán Loera.

Inside a solitary pink home on the hillside of a two-road Mexican town is the mother of the world's most notorious drug lord.

"I call him Chapo, my son," Consuelo Loera said in an interview for the PBS Frontline documentary Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty.

Consuelo Loera el chapo mom

PBS Frontline/Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty

El Chapo's mother, Consuelo Loera.

Loera recounts that as a child her son, Sinaloa cartel kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" or "Shorty" Guzmán Loera, was very ambitious.

"I remember he had a lot of paper money, little notes of 50s and 5s. He'd count and recount them and then tie them up in little piles," Loera said smiling.

"It was just colored paper but they looked real," she added.

Loera's son, now 60 years old, sold oranges to make a living before his uncle introduced him to the drug business.

Guzmán, at the helm of the world's largest drug empire and once listed on Forbes' billionaires list, triggered a massive manhunt after pulling off an extraordinary escape from Mexico's highest-security prison earlier this month.

"He's blamed for everything. If someone's caught, they say he's involved. If something happens, the government blames him. He's their target," Loera said. Although she describes him as a scapegoat, Guzmán had amassed so much power and influence behind bars that he succeeded in taking over the last two Mexican prisons that failed to hold him.Advertisement

Amanda Macias contributed to this report.