What is the next big thing in VAS: Hear it from the industry experts

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VAS or Value added services have faced a deep slump in the market with the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) services. Operators do accept that the entire structure of VAS has been turned upside down because of this.

"MVAS or Mobile Value Added Services are dead... There was a time when people bought cricket scores. Now it is easily available online. Why would anyone buy it?" said Rahul Joshi, National VAS, Enterprise Head, MTS India at the 16th VAS Asia, International Conference and Exhibition.

So what is the next big thing in VAS which the big shots of IT and Telecom industry are betting on? Hear it from the experts themselves.


Mobile innovation is the next big thing.

"Growth will come from data coupled with apps," said Rahul.


Aircel is betting on Geo-Location as it is a big challenge for VAS where OTT has beaten them almost.

"When it would be easy enough for customers to find out what he wants. And, how closely can we find out what the customers want? When we achieve these two, we would feel we are at home," said Reena Rathi, Business Head, VAS, Aircel Limited.


MoMagic is focusing on consolidation of VAS services.

"From user's point of view, they don't want to go to multiple places for different purposes. Consolidation has to happen. For example, through a messenger, one must be able to chat, book a flight, see videos, book a restaurant and so on; more of an API-driven service," said Arun Gupta, CEO and founder of MoMagic.


Payment is the next big thing.

"How easily can one pay? We have repeatedly failed with VAS retail cards," said Manoj Kumar Gupta, Head-VAS, Micromax

The next best thing is advertising.

"If we could get the brands to sponsor the experiences for the customers, like through a sponsored view or a sponsored click, VAS would benefit largely," he added.
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