What it's really like to live in a New York City apartment with a shower in the kitchen

Alex Kuzoian shower in kitchen

Courtesy of Alex Kuzoian

The set up of Business Insider's associate video producer Alex Kuzoian's apartment, complete with shower in the kitchen.

On Monday, the listing for a $1,795 one-bedroom in Manhattan's Lower East Side with a shower in the kitchen went viral.

And though not an ideal set up, these apartments with showers or bathtubs in the kitchen are not as uncommon as one might expect.

In fact, Business Insider associate video producer Alex Kuzoian currently lives in a similar set up with two other roommates.
"I never really had a problem with it," he said of the apartment. "The bizarre-ness of it kind of just fades after awhile."

Kuzoian has been living in his Hell's Kitchen home for the past four months where he's paying significantly less than $1,000 a month - extremely affordable for the Midtown Manhattan location where the average rent for a one bedroom is $3,374, according to Reator.com.

Even though the shower is in the common area, Kuzoian says that the lack of privacy isn't too much of an issue since all of his roommates are on different schedules.

"The most annoying part is just not having a real bathroom," he said. "We have one sink (the one in the kitchen) and then just a tiny room with a toilet. It would be nice not to have to brush my teeth, shave, and do the dishes in the same sink."

It's the act of shaving that really bothers him."I don't like to do it over the kitchen sink - plus theres no mirror there anyway - so I stand in front of the mirror that's attached to my bedroom door and hold a garbage can under my chin," he said. "That's why I only shave like once a week."

But Kuzoian said because the apartment is so affordable, he really doesn't mind the set up. Plus, because he knew his roommates before he moved in, everyone is already comfortable with one another.

"We don't have too many guests, mainly because the place is so small - there's not a lot of room for them to stay," he said. "It's usually just our girlfriends or boyfriends."

He added, "they're already kind of used to it."

As for any plus sides of living in an apartment where your shower is in your kitchen, Kuzoian said it's definitely a "great conversation piece" and that someday he hoped he would be able to look back and get a great story out of his current living situation.

"Being young makes it easier," he said. "If I were older there's no way I'd tolerate it. But for now, it's just part of the cliche 'NYC experience,' I guess."