A running shoe company owned by Warren Buffett is now sponsoring the beer mile world record holder

Berkshire Hathaway-owned running shoe company Brooks is now the official sponsor of beer mile world record holder Lewis Kent.

According to a report in Runner's World, Kent - a 22-year-old senior at the University of Western Ontario - announced the sponsorship on Tuesday after breaking the beer mile world record. 

Kent ran 4:51.9 for the beer mile, re-taking the world record he held in August after running a 4:55.8. 
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Lewis Kent breaking the beer mile world record.

A beer mile involves drinking a full 12-ounce beer before each of the race's four laps around a standard 400-meter track. Competitors must run a penalty fifth lap if they don't keep their beverage down during the race. 

You can find full rules for the event - including the best-ever times run for the mile and a list of approved beers - at Beermile.com

FloTrack, a website dedicated to coverage of track & field, is set to host the second annual Beer Mile World Championships in Austin, Texas on December 1st. 

Canadian Corey Gallagher, currently the second-fastest beer miler of all-time with a 4:55.8, is the defending World Champion. 

Terms of Kent's sponsorship agreement with Brooks were not disclosed, but a Brooks rep did confirm to Runner's World that Kent will wear Brooks gear at the World Championships. Read the full report at Runner's World here »

And you can watch Kent's world record run below:


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