From Huda to Dentsu International, here are the world’s most loved brands as per Talkwalker’s report

Jun 9, 2021

By: Karuna Sharma

1. Huda Beauty

Created by Huda Kattan in 2013, it has become one of the fastest-growing cosmetics brands in the world. It rose from 27 to no. one on TW list this year. It delivers significant influencer and user-generated content.

Credit: Business Insider

2. Moulinex

A French kitchen appliance manufacturer, it has found success over the last year due to a specific lockdown trend - baking. Moulinex gained a lead in visual mentions because of the trend and active CSR strategy.

Credit: Moulinex

3. M.A.C.

M.A.C. Cosmetics is another brand that has climbed up the list year-on-year, from position 24 in 2020. Its partnership with South Korean Artist Lalisa Manoban helped it rise to the top.

Credit: M-A-C-

4. Benefit Cosmetics

It’s also taking advantage of the rise in makeup engagement - jumping from 11th place last year. It constantly connects with other influencers and users by sharing their content.

Credit: Benefit-Cosmetics

5. Tefal

Defined as the no. 1 in cookware because of its quality guarantees, Tefal has gained consumer trust and loyalty with a proactive approach on social media through positive PR and community engagement.

Credit: Urban-Decay

6. Urban Decay

It partners with a diverse range of people, helping them connect with a broader audience. The brand jumped from position 37 last year because of its partnership with South Korean boy band Monsta X in Jan 2021.

Credit: Urban-Decay

7. Universal Music Group

It has profited from the increased need for home entertainment. It saw an increase in mentions and engagement after buying more music rights from artists like Bob Dylan and Lil Wayne.

Credit: Universal-Music-Group

8. Kayo Sports

Described as the ‘Netflix of sport,’ it offers a streaming subscription service focused only on sport, across Australia. It rose from 272,000 subscribers to 624,000 by the end of 2020.

Credit: Kayo-Sports

9. Swiss Airlines

Despite the travel industry having a hard time, Swiss Airlines has been regularly mentioned throughout the year for its customer service, by both users and influencers -- creating a strong perception of the brand.

Credit: Deezer

10. Deezer

A French music streaming service, it’s another brand profiting from the increased demand for entertainment. In March 2021, the brand launched #WomensVoices, an initiative to raise the voices of women in music and podcasts.

Credit: Deezer

11. Publicis Groupe

The various work the company performed to boost their clients’ performance, simultaneously boosted the agency’s too, as its name was included in much of the positive news and PR it created.

Credit: Business Insider

12. Olay

Olay earned from the boost in cosmetics too. It ran a successful campaign with Thai actor and Singer, Bright Vachirawit, connecting with their strong fanbase.

Credit: Olay

13. Dentsu International

It drove mentions through the advertising and PR work it did for its global clients. Its own in-house research, such as the Digital Society Index, also boosted its media mentions.

Credit: SM-Entertainment

14. SM Entertainment

Based in South Korea, it also profited from the demand in infotainment. Many mentions are linked to the popular K-Pop artists, actors, and shows it represents.

Credit: SM-Entertainment

15. CoStar Group

A world leader in commercial real estate analytics. The increased discussions about the changing state of retail drove numerous mentions for the group.

Credit: CoStar-Group

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