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Spotify replaces its logo on social media with a Good Day Biscuit after Twitter user spots similarities

Jun 26, 2020, 15:12 IST
Spotify India changes its logo on social media with a popular cookie.
  • Spotify has proved how important it is to listen to your consumers yet again.
  • This time, the music streaming app has replaced its logo with Good Day Biscuit after a Twitter user posted a picture saying the grooves on the biscuit resembled their logo design.
After a Twitter user pointed out striking similarities between Britannia's Good Day Biscuit and Spotify’s logo, the music streaming service turned the joke into reality. It replaced its logo with a Good Day Biscuit and said, “Even we can’t unsee it now.”

Spotify heard a user on Twitter, took a note of their feedback and reacted in a day by replacing its logo, proving how important it is to hear your users on social media.

The user, Harsha (tapanguchi), said, “I offered a Good Day biscuit to my colleague and he exclaimed "Spotify!". Now I can't unsee it.” His tweet got over 2.5 thousand retweets and 17 thousand likes.

Shortly, Britannia responded to his tweet and hit the right ‘spot.’

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