Bob Doll made 10 predictions for 2015 - here's what he got right and wrong


Predicting the future of the economy and the markets is no easy task.


Extrapolations from trends, industry fundamentals, and whole country's productivity can change over 12 months. That doesn't stop people from trying.

Bob Doll, of Nuveen Asset Management, comes out with projections every year for 10 things he think will happen in the economy and the markets.

We looked back at his projections and determined how much he got right and how much he got wrong. Additionally, we compared our assessment to his own reflections on the predictions, which he posted in a note Monday.

Some were obviously right, tech stocks have been much better than energy, while some were blatantly wrong such as a rebound for oil.


With two weeks to go in 2015, there is some room for a few to change, but at this point it isn't much.

So check out Doll's predictions, and our assessments, below.