Here comes the Beige Book ...


U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen testifies at the House Financial Services Committee in Washington February 10, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Thomson Reuters

The Federal Reserve's latest Beige Book is set for release at the top of the hour.


It will contain anecdotes from the Fed's 12 regional districts on various aspects of their local economies, including housing, consumer spending and employment.

These anecdotes will inform the discussion at the Fed's policy meeting from April 26-27, when it is expected to leave its benchmark rate unchanged.

On the labor market, Tara Sinclair, chief economist at Indeed, said in a preview: "We expect relatively strong growth across the 12 districts considered in the Federal Reserve's Beige Book. While there continues to be concern about low labor force participation and stagnant wages, job gains in 2016 have been strong, and the March employer demand for workers shows the hiring is likely to continue."

We'll have the full details and text of the Beige Book when it crosses, so refresh this page for updates.


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