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This chiropractor has become an unlikely TikTok star, showing fans how to ease back pain to the tune of 'WAP'

Aug 27, 2020, 01:01 IST
Courtesy of Jordan Estrada
  • Chiropractor Jordan Estrada has gone viral on TikTok for remixing popular songs with tips for simple exercises to relieve back pain.
  • Estrada has amassed millions of views since getting involved with the app in March, and his songs are now the template for other physical therapists to create videos.
  • He spends an average of 10 hours a day on TikTok, looking for new songs, responding to fans, and collaborating with musicians and fellow health experts.

"So your back hurts?"

To the tune of Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage," chiropractor Jordan Estrada asked this question on TikTok, and got millions of views in response.

Estrada, working from his office in Houston, Texas, has become an unlikely star on TikTok, remixing pop songs with tips for treating back, neck, and knee pain.

As the social media app surges in popularity, it's not just for memes and trending dance moves, but also activism, kitchen hacks, new recipes, and even science facts from legends like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

For Estrada, it's the perfect opportunity to combine his interest in music with his therapeutic expertise.


"I finally found my niche," he told Insider.

Estrada has had a lifelong interest in music, and has performed in bands since middle school. He also has a passion for helping people heal their bodies, since he launched his career after a chiropractor was able to help him recovery from a college weigh-lifting injury.

Prior to this year, Estrada said he had tried other social media to promote his work, and was vaguely aware of TikTok.

"I thought it was mostly for kids and dances," he said.

Then the pandemic hit, and Estrada suddenly found he had more time on his hands when his clinic closed for two weeks. He decided to use that time on TikTok, where his videos quickly took off.


"One day it clicked. I was listening to remixes of "Savage" and thought, why don't I make my own? I could combine my passions to make music and make it informational," he said.

The video that resulted, Estrada's remix of "Savage," now has more than 16 million views and has been used as a template for other chiropractors to create their own videos.

At first he was "shocked" by the huge success of his videos, but now he said that he thinks they provide a useful cue to build a habit of healthy physical activity.

"These remixes can make people motivated by getting the song stuck in their head and triggering them to do the stretch. It helps get people involved in taking care of their bodies," he said.

Estrada now spends about 10 hours a day on TikTok

Now, Estrada is completely hooked on the app, and constantly checks in during downtime through his day, fitting in a short video or two between tasks.


He estimates that, in total, he spends 10 to 11 hours a day on the app looking for the latest hit song to remix and responding to his fans. Estrada collaborates extensively with other creators, including chiropractors and health professionals, but also musicians — a partnership with one of the rappers he's remixed is currently in the works.

Even when he's not scrolling, Estrada said he's constantly thinking of lyrical possibilities.

"My brain now functions on a wavelength where I'm always thinking of lyrics and how I can remix them when I'm listening to music or on TikTok," he said.

He posts new videos an average of five to six times a week, with each video taking about an hour or two total, spread out over the course of the day with creating the music, shooting video, and editing.

Estrada's company, Airrosti, has been supportive of his work and given him time and even a room to create videos in. He said he also sees clients who know or recognize him from TikTok.


Other medical professionals approve

Estrada's approach is uniquely entertaining, according to Dr. Leonard Rosenblum, a chiropractor with Union Square Spinal Care in New York City.

"I think he offers nicely packaged advice. Overall I think he is doing a good job," Rosenblum told Insider.

He cautioned that stretching to treat injuries can, without supervision, occasionally aggravate existing problems if it's done incorrectly or too forcefully.

But Estrada's simple tips, and those of from other chiropractors, like Dr. Dooley Noted on YouTube, can offer guidelines for safer stretching at home.

Estrada said he hopes other health professionals will continue to expand into social media, including TikTok, to help share their advice to a wider audience.


"Not used to this type of social media but trying to make the most of it and represent my craft," he said. "I just want to promote this information on a bigger scale past people just on medical TikTok."

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