10 Facts That You Should Know About Halloween

Halloween is one of the hugely popular fests in the US. However, off late many Indian party lovers have found another reason to party, that’s Halloween. If you too are gearing up to attend a Halloween bash in your neighbourhood, with your spooky costumes in place, here are a few facts you must know about the spookiest night of the year:

  1. Word ‘Halloween’ finds its roots in Catholicism
Halloween comes from ‘Hallowmas’ – a three day Catholic holiday when people pray from their recently deceased and the saints are honoured. In the beginning of 11 th century, the pope decided to observe Hallowmas between October 31- November 2 and called it All Hallow’s Eve, which later on evolved into Hallow’s Even and finally Hallowe’een in the 18 th century.

  1. Halloween comes from Celtic tradition
Halloween finds its roots in a Celtic tradition known as Samhain. It is believed that during this time spirits and fairies can enter our world. To keep these spirits happy, Celtic began to offer treats and food to them.

  1. Where did the Jack-O-Lantern come from?
Ever thought why that humble pumpkin transformed into Jack-o-Lantern? They are named after a farmer called Jack, who always played tricks on the devil. Due of this, the devil made him wander purgatory with just a burning lump of coal as his light. Jack put the coal in a turnip and used it as a lamp. Later on, in the US where turnips were not very popular, people started making Lanterns out of Pumpkins.

  1. Halloween costumes?
Even the tradition of wearing spooky and scary costumes came from the Celts, who used to wear masks and scary costumes during Samhain to ward off and confuse evil spirits.

  1. Black and Orange
The black and orange color combination is synonymous with Halloween. Wondering why? Well, orange is often associated with fall harvest and black is the color of darkness and death.

  1. Halloween symbols
Black cats, spiders and bats are the symbols of Halloween. This is for a reason. All these symbols have association with real life witches. In the middle ages, people believed that cats, spiders and bats were a part of witches’ families, hence brought bad omen.

  1. Spiders are good
If you happen to spot a spider on Halloween, don’t freak out at the tiny ugly thing. According to legends, spotting a Spider on Halloween means the spirit of a loved one is watching you.

  1. Full moon on Halloween
Though a full moon is a common sight in horror movies with witches, bats and owls flying across it, but the last full moon on a Halloween night was witnessed in 2011 and the next won’t occur until 2020. Before 2011, full moon on Halloween night was seen way back in 1955.

  1. Trick or Treat
The tradition of trick and treat goes back to medivial times when poor adults and children went around the town during Hallowmas dressed in costumes begging for food and money.

  1. Halloween is the second most commercial holiday in America
According to reports, America’s candy industry makes approximately $2 billion every year during Halloween. The citizens the country spend around $6 billion on Halloween annually, on candy, costumes, and decorations, making it the second most commercial holiday after Christmas.

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