3 Apps that can revolutionize India’s Agriculture sector, very easily!

Farmers make up about 24.8 per cent of India’s total workforce, with over 118.9 million farmers spread across the length and breadth of the country. Agriculture is the largest livelihood provider in India contributing a significant percentage to its GDP. It has witnessed green, yellow and blue revolution and now it is a proud participant of the mobile revolution too.

Here are 3 companies and their services which are helping farmers communicate with the market directly, thus making the gap between buyer and farmer smaller by the day!

RainbowAgri- On Rainbow Agri, they have a host of services where farmers can talk to communities, users and farmers can buy and sell local products and buyers can even get live price updates. One can even connect with neighbourhood farmers directly and see real images of their crop. Rainbow Sell gets farmers, street vendors and even small stores to reach buyers in their local areas and even customize deliveries to suit the buyer’s needs, by holding provisions for discounts, enter details in local language and even track the status of the order. With Rainbow Live Price, all the crops in India are arranged by location, weather, market names and of course type and is pretty comprehensive. It is often called the internet of farmers.

MandiTrades- One can get information about commodity prices directly provided by the Government of India, produce info and a map based view of available farm products with the ability of connecting to a required farmer via just a simple phone call through this app. A buy/sell platform aims to solve the problems of marketing and farmers can avoid the daily struggle to sell their produce. When they register with the site, it captures all of their produce and location details and updates its database. Farmers can know of average demand, peak/low demand season, in and off season needs, rare items and their prices and can plan their farms accordingly.

Mpower Social- Livestock farming is one of the most important forms of livelihood for many families. Unfortunately the ratio of registered veterinarians to cattle is very low and Mpower’s ICT Livestock Management Systems (LMS) aims to decrease this gap by connecting livestock professionals to small holder farmers via Livestock intermediaries. These Livestock workers register the farmers, gather regular updates about their cattle and provide expert medical advice – all through their mobile application. This reduces the cost of consulting an expert or a doctor.
(image credits: Facebook, Mandi Trades, historydiscussion.net)
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