Amazon Studios head reportedly investigated over claim he made sexual remarks to 'The Man in the High Castle' producer


Roy Price Getty final


Roy Price.

Amazon Studios head Roy Price was investigated for allegedly making unwanted sexual remarks to "The Man in the High Castle" producer Isa Hackett, according to The Information's Kim Masters.


The remarks were allegedly made by Price at Comic-Con in 2015, following a day of promotional events for Amazon's show. Hackett is the daughter of Philip K. Dick, whose novel inspired the series.

According to the report, an investigation was quickly conducted, however the findings are unknown. Price is still running Amazon Studios and Hackett is still a producer on "The Man in the High Castle."

"I do not wish to discuss the details of this troubling incident with Roy except to say Amazon investigated immediately and with an outside investigator," Hackett said to The Information. "It's my great privilege and responsibility to oversee adaptations of my father's work and I intend to remain focused on doing my very best to give fans thoughtful, faithful and entertaining shows."

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Isa Hackett.

Amazon Studios did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment, but told The Information that it encourages employees to voice concerns and always investigates any claims.


News of the alleged investigation at Amazon Studios comes at a time when both Hollywood and Silicon Valley are dealing with other sexual harassment claims.

Earlier this week, two top employees of the Los Angeles arthouse staple Cinefamily stepped down after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced. Uber recently fired more than 20 employees following an investigation into sexual harassment and other bad behavior.

You can read the full report over at The Information.