Bad photoshop fools Iranian media into thinking US aircraft carriers are testing UFOs

Bad photoshop fools Iranian media into thinking US aircraft carriers are testing UFOs

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Iranian state media fell for a spoof of a YouTube video showing a fake UFO on US aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

  • Iranian media fell hard for a badly photoshoped video claiming to show a UFO on the deck of a US aircraft carrier.
  • The website used anonymous YouTube comments to suggest the US had a secret stealth jet program, and that nobody respected the military.
  • The video is clearly false for a variety of reasons and falls well below the standards of good reporting.

Iranian media dived deep into a bizarre conspiracy theory around a badly edited video on YouTube that claimed to show an unidentified flying object on the deck of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the US's newest supercarrier.

Tasnim News Agency, an Iranian website with close ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, wrote up a YouTube video from SECTION 51 2.0, a channel that promises: "Exclusive UFO Footage from all over the world" while adding a disclaimer that the videos are for entertainment purposes only. 

Tasnim buys hook, line, and sinker the UFO's presence aboard the deck of the Ford, while mistakenly referring to the US Navy aviation units captured on video as US Air Force jets.

Here's the conspiracy video, see if it looks right to you:


The video claims to have been shot in September 2018 in the Mediterranean Sea. Not only does the US Navy not have any carriers in the Mediterranean now, the Ford, which has only just recently been commissioned, hasn't been to the Mediterranean yet.

Here's the real, unedited video from July, 28, 2017. It shows the first ever US Navy F/A-18 fighter jet's arrested landing and catapult launch from the Ford. 

While the video does show an historic first in naval aviation, it's not quite first contact with alien life. 

Tasnim then goes straight to YouTube's comments section on a fake video about UFOs to bash the US military and suggest deception. 

"This is why no one respects the military anymore," Tasnim quoted an anonymous YouTuber as saying. 


Tasnim's story on the fake video of a UFO on a US aircraft carrier has been its most-viewed article for days now, despite obvious factual problems. Whether the world has lost respect for the US military as a result of this article, or perhaps lost respect for Tasnim, remains an open question.