Elon Musk just revealed new details about his tunneling project that could change transportation forever

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed new details about his futuristic tunnel-boring project during his TED talk on Friday.The Boring Company, Musk's latest venture being led by SpaceX engineer Steve Davis, is working on building a network of underground tunnels that would transport cars on an electric skate. The skate would propel cars through the tunnel at a maximum speed of 130 mph, enough to get from Westwood to Los Angeles in just 5 minutes.
Musk showed the very first visualization of the project during his TED Talk. A car would pull into a metal container that would then transport it underground:
An electric skate would then rocket the car through the tunnel:

Musk is juggling quite a few projects on top of The Boring Company, including Tesla's upcoming Model 3 launch and the rollout of a brand-new solar roof product. He's also launched a new artificial intelligence company, Neuralink, while still serving as CEO of SpaceX and Tesla.

But Musk said The Boring Company is only taking "2 or 3 percent" of his time. Interns and Tesla employees are working on the project part-time.

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