Four things you should remember carrying before you head out for that run

Four things you should remember carrying before you head
out for that run
Taking up running as a hobby is still quite dangerous- given the lack of proper footpaths or space for runners to carry on without having to worry about the traffic or getting in anyone’s way.

However, that has hardly deterred people from setting their alarms at an ungodly hour to wake up in order to run.

To say the least, the running community has been growing by leaps and bounds thanks to frequent marathons, increase in area specific running groups and the trend of family running.

Apart from being the easiest way to get some exercise, running is also the only activity where your age or sex matters little and thankfully people are finally realising that.

If you’re reading this and wondering if you should give running a try- the answer is yes. It will most definitely change your life.

But, before you start, you might want to keep a few things in mind.

Whether you’re in it for the first time, returning after a while or coming back from an injury, ensure you have these five things before you head out for that run

1. Good shoes: This might sound clichéd, but trust us comfortable shoes are the bible of any runner. Don’t just wear any shoes you can lay your eyes on. That’s the biggest mistake you’d ever commit. Treat your feet to shoes designed for running-that not fit your feet perfectly but also lets it breathe. After all, you’re only going to be running if your feet allow you to.

2. iPod: There’s a lot of debate on whether music actually helps you run faster or if it has an adverse effect on the brain while running, though some studies have concluded listening to music does alleviate one’s running. Regardless, the fact is that a lot of people swear by carrying their iPods and listening to music while running, simply because a good song can always cheer you up while you’re struggling with a long run. So if you want our advice, don’t forget to carry your iPod!

3. Watch: Wearing your watch while running can help immensely if you’re a new runner. No one’s expecting you to run like Usain Bolt from day one itself, but timing yourself and keeping a track of what exactly is slowing you down can be of great help for comparison in the days after or when you’re training for a big run.

4. Identification: We’d recommend you carrying some sort of identification merely for safety reasons, especially if you have some allergies or medical conditions. In case of emergency situations, this is what will help responders in knowing who you are and reaching out to your friends and family. Better to be safe than sorry!

Image credits: Indiatimes