Here are the most popular websites from around the world


Goldman Sachs' annual compendium of its 100 best charts from the year is a treasure trove of information on pretty much everything.


One chart that jumped out at me while I was browsing was the one below that shows the top 15 websites in 11 big countries from around the world. Google is the clear winner, and probably a bit surprising as a search engine, taking the top spot in 7 out of the 11 lists.

But the graph also shows the strength of regional sites - shown in grey - is much stronger the further east you go.

That makes sense given the language barrier is arguably more of an issue for countries like Russia and South Korea where they have totally different alphabets.

Only the US and China's top 15s are dominated entirely by domestic websites (US websites are shown in blue, while domestic is shown in grey which is slightly confusing.)

15 top websites

Goldman Sachs


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