IBM gives you 20 new solutions to enhance work productivity in your organisation

If you are looking for solutions to increase client satisfaction, trust and revenue growth with private clients, IBM has 20 new solutions for you. IBM announced new industry-specific solutions with pre-built predictive analytics capabilities that will make it easier and faster for organisations across industries like retail, banking, telecommunications and insurance to act on critical business insights. It will also make it easier to optimize the accuracy of predictive insights.

IBM has something or the other for every sector, be it retail, banking, media and entertainment or oil and gas. It will enable them to understand the market and take steps accordingly for higher deliverance at the customers end.
“We believe organizations need capabilities that enable greater speed and minimize the effort required to generate actionable insights. This requires pre-built solutions that are tailored to address each industry’s unique challenges. With today’s news, IBM is putting powerful analytics in the hands of every business user to help them see patterns, pursue ideas and improve all types of decisions impacting their industry,” said Alistair Rennie, General Manager of Analytics Solutions at IBM.
Their new initiative is already receiving positive responses. Joachim Lauterbach, President, Interactive Data Managed Solutions, thinks smarter decision making and hyper personalization which are at the core of IBM’s new industry analytics solution, will help them to provide their wealth management clients with more mature solutions that will allow them to address some of the biggest challenges in the wealth market.

“Combining client data, market data and product data with predictive analytics and intelligence in the solution allows us to provide financial institutions with a level of customer insight and service never before accessible to advisors or self directed investors,” said Joachim.

Australian financial institution, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, which is aiming to be Australia’s most customer connected bank, feels IBM’s new initiative would be a boon.
"We are very excited to be working with IBM to develop a deeper understanding of our customers. We are continuing to advance our use of cloud based technology and exploring advanced analytics options so that we can provide an even greater level of service and value to our customers," said Kevin Dole, General Manager, Technology Services, at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

IBM Maximo Asset Management has also been pre-integrated, providing enhanced capabilities for work management, job plans, work order tracking, service requests and reporting.

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