It won’t be an easy task to get Mallya back from British Courts



Indian government is set to face a stretched legal battle with the British courts before it can convince them for the extradition of erstwhile liquor baron Vijay Mallya. These court proceedings could last up to a year, even as the government prepares a strong defence of its case.

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It’s for the first time that a special team of investigators, senior bureaucrats, lawyers and consultants has been created, especially to make sure that this extradition goes through well.

"India will also rope in some Queen's Counsels (QCs). The government had already planned this and you will see the lawyers being finalised within the next few days," a person in the know told ET.

However, it won’t be easy for the government to bring Mallya back.


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"It is going to be a long-drawn battle between the Indian government and Vijay Mallya," said Zulfiquar M Memon, managing partner, MZM Legal. "Formal arrest and bail at the Westminster Magistrates' Court is just a formality to kick-start the process. The case for extradition will begin now, which will be contested till the end by Mallya's lawyers."

In the past, India was unable to extradite music director Nadeem Saifee as well as former IPL chief Lalit Modi from London, both of which cases saw involvement from MZM Legal.

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"Scotland Yard is involved in the arrest as the Indian police have no jurisdiction in the UK. The English courts will now decide on extradition, applying English laws and the extradition treaty with India. The Indian government will have to establish the case against him for extradition, but obviously, the actual criminal trial will be conducted in India," said Anand Desai, managing partner, DSK Legal.