Make your own budget: Kejriwal to Delhi

your own budget: Kejriwal to Delhi
Hate the way the government presented the budget? Don’t think the budget was pocket- friendly? Would like to tweak a few budget proposals here and there? In fact, why not make the budget entirely by ourself. That’s exactly what Delhi’s new Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal suggested today, in his first speech since taking charge, in the Delhi assembly. He said it would initially be an experiment, but could be put to use, if proven worthwhile.

"We are going to start it on a pilot basis. The people of Delhi will form the budget. To start with, we begin with going to five to ten constituencies, where people will be brought together and form a budget according to their needs," Kejriwal said in the Delhi assembly today.

His government is also all-set to begin work on their promised 70-point agenda, which includes providing free Wi-Fi, free water to every household, and substantially reducing power bills for the city’s bereaved citizens.

Kejriwal also took the opportunity of his first speech at the assembly today, to announce yet another ‘new experiment’ with an aim to create greater bureaucratic efficiency within the system. He said, "We will aim to set a target for every department and the officer who comes up with the best plan to meet the target will be granted a posting. This will improve efficiency and productivity in bureaucracy."


Kejriwal, who took over as the Chief Minister of Delhi on February 14, also reached out to all 70 lawmakers in the state, which includes three BJP MLAs, urging them to provide him with productive feedback on the water situation in their respective constituencies. He promised to work on the feedback.

All the 67 MLAs of the Aam Admi party have been instructed by the chief minister to set-up offices in their local constituencies, and meet people every day between 9 am and 11 am to discuss their problems.

Kejriwal decided not to hold any portfolios, to better connect with the people on the ground. He too, plans to set up a similar office in his New Delhi constituency to meet people on a daily basis. Four of his MLAs will brief Kejriwal everyday on the feedback collected from all the 70 constituencies of Delhi.