Millennials have one foot out of the door as 44% of them will leave employers in 2 years: Survey

The Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016 gave an insight on how to win over the next generation leaders. It also highlighted the state of mind of the Millennials, saying that most of them have one foot out of the door.

As per the survey by Deloitte, 44% of Millennials are expected to resign in next two years. Reason? Many Millennials cited lack of career progression and 48% women said they are being overlooked for potential leadership positions and 50 percent of men agreed.

Around 67% of women said they were slightly more likely than men to leave their employers within the next five years as they were “being overlooked for potential leadership positions.”


“A perceived lack of leadership-skill development and feelings of being overlooked are compounded by larger issues around work/life balance, the desire for flexibility, and a conflict of values,” the survey stated.

Also, the fifth annual survey revealed that in general, Millennials expressed little loyalty to their current employers.

This remarkable absence of allegiance represents a serious challenge to any business employing a large number of Millennials, especially those in markets—like the United States—where Millennials now represent the largest segment of the workforce.


However, because most young professionals choose organizations that share their personal values, it’s not too late for employers to overcome this “loyalty challenge.”

Deloitte surveyed nearly 7,700 Millennials from 29 countries during September and October 2015 to learn more about Millennials’ values and ambitions, drivers of job satisfaction, and their increasing representation in senior management teams.

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