Move aside Pokémon Go, this Bengaluru-based startup makes you feel like Iron Man

In case your kids are going out a lot more because of Pokémon Go, this Indian startup will change your life. Bengaluru-based MadRat Games has launched the world’s 1st wearable gaming platform for kids. Rightfully called the SuperSuit, this wearable gaming platform takes kids and families outdoors.

First announced at CES 2016 in Vegas, the SuperSuit can be used to play several types of games. Don’t worry, these are all non-violent games. The best thing about this one is that you can play this anyone, anywhere - backyards, front yards, parking lots, basements, terraces, corridors or pavements in the neighborhood. Just be safe.

Rajat Dhariwal, founder of MadRat Games couldn’t have said it better. “We are excited to announce the launch of SuperSuit today at CES. SuperSuit aims to take away kids from screen dominated games. I feel SuperSuit is the future of gaming.”

As the company describes, the SuperSuit is designed for the new play space of the 21st century – the ‘Third Space’. Any place can be transformed into a gaming space at the touch of a button.

SuperSuit has two units, the Vest and Glove. The Vest records hits and displays the scores. The Glove has triggers to send beams. It has a special gesture engine that allows a wide range of gestures which trigger special powers, creating the charm of telekinesis.

It’s goofy, but fun!

The system supports external Bots. That means you can connect anything from RC cars to the new age connected toys and control it. SuperSuit has released a SDK that allows developers to create new games for it.

The best thing? SuperSuit’s companion smartphone app allows the parents to monitor their children’s fitness data and track their location for safety purposes. This happens via Bluetooth – which is also used for downloading new titles, upgrade firmware and maintain the player profile and data.

You can pre-order your SuperSuit by registering here at-!pre-order/u2cqn

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