Now, you can list your car for rent when it's not in use and get paid for it

Now, you can list your car for rent when it's not in use and get paid for itAnyone who's ever bought a car knows that car ownership is a costly affair given the cost of the vehicle, leasing, financing, insurance, parking, fuel, taxes and other such requirements.

Have you ever wished that you could share your car when it's not in use and get paid for it?

The global car-sharing market is expected to reach 36 million subscribers and 427,000 vehicles by 2025, compared to 7.9 million subscribers and roughly 112.000 vehicles in 2015. That’s a 16.4 percent increase in members and 14.3 percent increase in vehicles over a ten year period. So, you know you're not alone in thinking that this might be feasible.


Zoomcar which is a self-driving enabler startup has built a program called ZAP to enable people to share their cars. Given the potential risks of damage, liability or security associated, the vehicles listed for rent on this platform are automatically covered by comprehensive commercial insurance and roadside assistance during each rental period.

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How it works: ZAP lets you buy cars on behalf of Zoomcar, list the vehicle on its platform, and then finally share the profit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The car can be shared with verified Zoomcar customers; community members, office colleagues, friends or anyone.

Zoomcar manages all the formalities, right from getting verified customers to managing all the bookings, cleaning the car and also processing payments on time.

The company has witnessed a great adoption that’s tripling month-on-month. This marketplace model will account for over 75% of its overall vehicle inventory by early 2017, estimates suggest.