One of India's best career counselor Usha Albuquerque tells us the Unconventional Emerging Careers for Students

Some years ago we couldn’t have imagined careers that involved playing with human DNA, creating movies that have talking cartoon characters, adding glitz and glamour to a party or wedding, planning travel itineraries for others or a full-fledged career as a social worker.
But today, these are the jobs of the future, and some of the most exciting fields to get into. Making a decision of one’s career is the most important decision of our life. Yet often it is made on the basis of unrealistic professional aspirations, inadequate knowledge, parental and societal pressures and emotional factors that should rightly be irrelevant to this decision.

Mrs Usha Albuquerque, India’s best career counselor, shares the unconventional Emerging Careers for Students today. But before that she mentions: “One needs to think out of the box, explore your strengths and your opportunities and be realistic. Thinking outside the box is never easy, nor is it merely a reflection of mental brightness. To leave your comfort zone and explore options requires large measures of mental agility, boldness, and creativity.”

“Some of the most emerging careers in the coming years include career options in mass communication, software engineering, biotechnology and genetics, web designing, animation, healthcare and fashion designing to name just a few,” she says.

“Careers like fruit and vegetable carving, animal trainers, photography, food critic, voice trainers, careers at museums, alternative healing, adventure sport instructor, pet grooming, fitness expert, and environmentalist are also up coming. Each offers its fair share of responsibilities, challenges and rewards in the form of creative satisfaction, flexibility, an opportunity to prove oneself, & a good pay package,” she further adds.

Her advice to students standing at crossroads figuring out which path to take for a bright career is: “Each person possesses a range of talents, interests and skills any of which could be the basis of a worthwhile career. Knowing your abilities and developing the necessary skills to be able to use them can help you target the area of possible job opportunities. There is nothing more powerful nor more exciting than knowing what you do well, and being able to select the skill you prefer to use to pursue a career.”

“Today’s student needs to critically examine his hobbies, interests, skills and strengths and work towards his vision. As wisely put by Winston Churchill, “No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.”

And as wisely put by Mrs Usha - Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!
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